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The RM Band Service Reunion Portal

Thank You
Revd Graham Hitchins RN

RMBS Memorial Service on Sun, 11th Oct 2020
at 1100 - II

2021 Reunion Report by Jem Tugwood
2021 Memorial Service
2019 Reunion Report
by Jem Tugwood

2018 Reunion Report
by Jem Tugwood
2017 Reunion Report by Jem Tugwood
Reunion 2016 by Jem Tugwood
Reunion 2015 by Jem Tugwood
Reunion 2014
/ by Jeremy Tugwood
2013 Reunion Report / Jem Tugwood

2012 Reunion Report/Jem Tugwood

Reunion 2011/Tony Oliver

Reunion 2011/Jem Tugwood
Reunion 2011/Derek Usher
Reunion 2010/ An Appreciation
Jem Tugwood/Reunion 2010
Adrian Brett/Reunion 2010
Derek Usher/Reunion 2010
Merv' Durrant/Reunion 2010
Reunion Report 2009
Reunion Report 2008

Reunion/Report 2007
"Usher's Gusher"
Report /Reunion 2006

Reunion 2006
Photo Album

Reunion 2006
Reunion 2005
Reunion 2004
Reunion 2003
Reunion 2002
Golden Jubilee 1953

Mick Webster
Colin (Tubby) Bryant
Irfon "Taff" Higgins
40th Birthday Celeb
Taff Higgins 50th 
Bill Hughes - Update
David Jones
(Son-in-law) of

Musn. Arthur Daws
Les Barratt
Alan Tomlin
Ed "Paddy" McDermott
FOF3 Band 1979/80

Flute Quartet  
Nick Davies

John Robert Ballentyne
Steve Quirk - "Shipwrecks" Christmas Dinner 2004
Falklands Tribute
Sam Dyer (Deceased June 24/06)
My first reunion
Les Weddell
HMS Terror
More Terror!

Brian Thorogood

Courtesy of Brian Thorogood

More of Manoel Island
Manoel Island Update

Russ Thomas
The good ol' days!
Dave Spencer
CNE Toronto 1960
Brian (Jock) Roberts
Now in Malta
John Rusted
John Rusted 1954
Ian Burdon
It's a fair cop!
Peter Jackson
An Australian Venture
Jacqui Wale
Syd Wale
Colin "Noddy" Redfern
David (Stan) de Gernier

Lt. Col Vivian Dunn's

Ian Epps
Who'd be a 'Bandy' today?
An Ian Epps Memory
Epps Memory follow up
York to Ceylon
2 of a kind
Epps & Hargreaves
Persian Gulf & East African Cruises
Ark Royal Cricket Team 65/66
Updated Feb 11th with more names
It was all Maxie's fault?
South Coast Proms
Ian Epps' You Tube recordings of the Junior Display 2011
Ian Epps' time on Ark Royal
Put a name to the face
Memories of a VBI
by Ian Epps

Epps' Devonshire 52

Winston's Funeral *

Huw "Taff" Morris
John 'Shiner' Wright (deceased)

Tell them you love them
A memory of John Wright (RIP)
John Wright's Funeral
Keith Hanger
Keith Hanger



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