Ian Epps

Just a couple of pictures of the "South Coast Proms" which took place on the 25th & 26th of July on Whale Island. I have many happy memories of that place with Roy Nash and Peter Heming and it was first draft for a
year in 1951 when the GI's and "Crushers" rules supreme.

What an evening! The weather was great, no wind or rain, in fact the sun shone on the first part and by the the time of the finale in the late evening it was still nice and warm.

The program was up to the very best of RMB standards and a very large crowd enjoyed every minute if the applause was anything to go on. It just ended to soon.

I was up at Knellar Hall a couple of weeks before at one of their series of summer concerts, excellent but nowhere near the sound or showmanship of our musicians.

I should imagine that many of the ex RMB "family" didn't even know it took place but if you didn't or couldn't come or lived to far away you missed a real treat.

I understand from a conversation at the Reunion that it may be repeated next year, if it is I'll send you the details so that you can post them on the site.

All the very best for a Happy and Prosperous Christmas and New Year.

Best regards

Ian (Eggy) Epps

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