21st All Stars Band Concert
The National Anthem
Report by Mike Hutton

Have just returned from Australia and having read the write up on the concert and heard some rumours from other sources I am surprised that David has not put right the fact that it was he that was at fault in the National Anthem! We rehearsed it all sitting down (and I have never quite understood why we have to stand for it) having stood for his entry, then after no time at all David turns round after his bow to the crowd and without any preparation brings his stick down and expects it all to flow?

I would have thought with all his experience he should know better. Someone suggested to me that he had intimated that it was the band's fault and especially those who only blow once a year or so! This will upset many people if it's true. There should be more consideration by the conductor for people who are elderly and unused to regular concert work at this event. Everyone comes to do their best to give enjoyment to the public and to raise funds for charity.

I have had a very nice letter from the 'Help the Heroes' which I will send to you soonest to pass on to the rest of the Band if you would.

Many thanks.


PS: I would be quite happy if you wish to pass on my comments to other members of the band including David.

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