Adelaide Reunion - 2006
by Michael Thompson
Tom Lambert's Report
Max Beare's Report

Dear Dickie,

My humble early, account of the RMB’s reunion 2006 Australasia held in Adelaide South Australia.

Our organizer Bob Chumley has excelled again and our Australasian Chapter is becoming more popular.

We had the pleasure of three members from the UK, Mike Hutton, Ken (Ned) Kelley and Ted and Pat Drake. They will be returning to the UK with positive accolades from our humble get together.

What a wonderful gesture to help make our reunion better. It is also nice to know that I still remain the youngest attendee and the only representative from the Corps of Drums.

Our ‘meet and greet’ saw many more photographs being brought in to bring back memories of yesteryear and it was made even more interesting to hear some of the more senior members reminding each other who was who in their photo’s.

My daughter attended with me this year as she wanted to see what and have a realization of what RMB’s are really all about. She was amazed at the camaraderie that existed even with members who never even knew or served with each other. Not a truer word was said, if I may quote a comment in the guest book, “Whatever you do in civvie-street, you never get the same camaraderie that you got in the RMBS. You joined up as boys, together. You grew up, together. You traveled the world, together and you saw many good times and sadly some bad times...... together……………………...Esprit de Corps.

I’m sure there will be a few more accounts of the weekend by Max and Tom. Please enjoy some of the photo’s attached, I’ll give you a photo update at a later date.

Yours Aye


Bob Chumley and Mike Hutton
01 - Bob Chumley &
Mike Hutton
Maxie's table
02 - Maxie's table
Ned Kelley, Mike Hutton, Eric and Jan
03 - Ned Kelley, Mike Hutton, Eric and Jan
Ned Kelley and Tony Oberdries
04- Ned Kelley and Tony Oberdries







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