Falklands 25th Anniversary

As it's the 25th anniversary of the Commando Forces Band South Atlantic Tour, I thought that some of the band might like to see what they looked like then.

My wife Jan and I were due to get married on the 21st of May but as we were all called back from leave we had to get a special licence (separation pay?)

We got married on the 7th of April but as the Band were on stand-by the only musician who attended was Clem Cocker who had to leave immediately after the ceremony to catch a train to Ipswich. We went to the bandroom and had a photo taken with members of the Band who were not in the NAAFI at the time.

I believe we actually sailed on the Canberra on the 9th and I shared my honeymoon suite with B/cpl Martin Dale, (for any bootnecks reading "the sax player") Musn. George Tate (South Atlantic duff eating champion) and Musn.Tug Wilson (now Police Sgt.) for the next 3 months. A finer bunch you could not wish to spend your honeymoon with. For those that remember I am still in touch with George the Argie prisoner. It was an incredible experience.

I have attached the original wedding photo taken in the bandroom at Stonehouse together with a WCR reunion photo 2007 (apologies to Mac Mcarthy and George Latham) with l/r Al White, Colin Crossman, Andy Clarkson, Martin Dale and Gary Pumford, also a photo taken at our 25th wedding anniversary at home in Wales with a PTI "pose" with George Tate, Sam Goldsworthy and Billy Walker, Tug and Jan both had gigs and couldn't make it.

Best wishes to all and hope to see you at reunion 2007 at Portsmouth.

Taff H



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