RNSM 87 Squad - March 1944 - IOM
............with interesting comments by Terry Freestone

Hi Max & Richard, at Globe & Laurel lodge last night Ron Hempsall gave me the attached pic wondering if there was anyone I recognised. I have to admit "not really"; but from my records I have only one of 87 squad's name and number and that is RMB/X 2078 David R Woods who went on, as we know, to become a B/Mr & LRAM who "took his 12 in 1957" not long after I joined the Staff Band at Deal where he had been the Bmr and blue-eyed boy much in the Paul Neville vein.

Perhaps me taking over from Geoff Langdale made his mind up..?! Altho` I can`t see Dave Woods in the pic, but Boys change quite quickly in their teens as they mature. Can you identify anyone Max from your 93 squad memory?

In the pic you sent me the other day I`m sure it was 48 or 9 at Burford when we had the 7- a -side rugger competition. I remember taking part I think on a room basis, or perhaps it was by instrumental class. The only one for sure is left back row definitely Chris O`Connor, maybe Jeffery Nicholson and Wally Spencer front row.

Best regards and love to Kath yours aye Terry


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