The WCR was held on the 23rd of April and everyone agreed it was a fabulous evening. Sixty bandsmen were due to attend with forty guests. Sadly John Jones was unable to attend having had an emergency eye operation, Eric Austin through meningitis, and Georgie Wood through an emergency operation for the dreaded cancer. They have all pledged to come next year. We had bandies from Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Isle of Man and Jersey. Some were looking for Plymouthians who were unable to attend but I had all the phone numbers, so that helped.

The guests were welcomed by the oldest bandsman present who was 81 year George Palby from Plymouth who after giving a short history of his career proposed the toast to absent friends. Everyone settled down to find old friends with the help of lists of those attending. We had two ex PDM's and four DOM'S present but all the three badges gold group outnumbered them. Everyone thought it should be an annual event and with this in mind a date has been set for April 22nd 2006. So all wishing to attend put it on the calendar and cancel gigs and arrange your holidays to make sure you can attend. I expect or I hope you get the odd Email confirming what was an excellent night.

Cheers Pete

(33 photos)- Courtesy by Pete and Derek Roberts
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Mrs Barry Mills, Barry Mills, Gary Pumford, Paul Welstead
01 - Mrs Barry Mills, Barry Mills, Gary Pumford, Paul Welstead

02- Mrs Mick Jennings, Mick Jennings, Ursula, Graham Harvey, Wally Shillito

03 - Mrs Solomon, Colin Solomon, Paul Welstead, Gill Welstead, Diana Roberts

04 - Paul Welstead, Derek Roberts

05 - Pete Westaway, George Powlby, Russ Thomas

06- Pete Westaway, Dave Paige, Derek Scott

07- Philip Buttall, Wally Shillito, Ursula
08- Russ Davies, Mick Bartholomew
09- Russ Davies, Dave White, Ginge Bath, Mick Jennings

10-Trombones to the Fore. G Harvey, D Le Sueur, Pete Westaway, Mick Goss, Dave Pratley

11- Bruno Brown, Bill Sabine

12- Capt Wally Shillito, Pete Westaway

13-Cliff and Mrs Meatheringham

14-Dave Le Sueur & Mick Goss

15-Dave White, Pip Shell, Mac McGarr, Bill Sabine

16-Derek Scott and Simon Morgan

17-Ex PDM John Ware, George Latham, Ginge Bath

18-Garry Pumford, Mark Welstead, Phillip Moore

19-George Latham, Paul Welstead, Derek Roberts, Dave Lambert

20-Ginge Watts, Oggie Busby, Bart Bartholomew

21-Ivan and Mrs Petters

22-John and Mrs Williams

23-Keith Busby and J Helman

24-Mark Welstead and Dave LeSueur

25-Mr & Mrs Blair

26- Mr & Mrs Colin Solomon

27-Mr & Mrs Dave Chamberlaine

28-Mr & Mrs Dave Simmons

29-Mr & Mrs Graham Hoskins

30-Mr and Mrs Tony Kellet
31-Graham Harvey, Diana Roberts
32-Graham Harvey, Wally Shillitoe, Stan Hacking.

33-Guest. Phillip Buttal, Wally Shillitoe, Colin Solomon

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