May 26, 2009
Wally Hibbert (RIP)

My Dear Richard,

I thought this picture would interest you. I was flicking through old Blue Bands to find something or other and this one attracted my attention. Both Hibberts in one picture, Doug Haigh, Wally Hammond, Pete Guthrie (brother of Don Guthrie of blessed memory,) Knobby Knowler, Uncle Tom Cobbleigh and all.

Ever Tom.

Dear Wally was a very valuable member of the band at Portsmouth during my time there. Not only was he a very reliable (whilst not being in the Franz Liszt league) member of the keyboard fraternity, particularly as a dance band player, but he was also a wizard with my car. I'm not at all sure if he had left at any time but I doubt it. I don't think he was old enough for that. He did have an elder brother who may have been a violinist. His number that you accord him seems at odds with the joining date of 1941?. If it is possible to get his Service Certificate from Mrs Hibbert, all will be revealed. I will ask Johnny Masters who is extremely reliable in cases like this to see if he can ask to borrow it and also copy it. I have also asked him to express my sincere condolences. I really liked him, he was one of those lovely blokes who did all that was asked of him without ever complaining. I'm sure his fellow musicians would feel the same. There will be a good roll up at his funeral, no doubt.

As ever, very best regards......Tom (Lambert)

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