H.M.S. HOOD 1924
Contributions by Noel Crook and Bernard (Maxie) Beare

Hi Rich, long time since getting in touch.

The "Hood" is still in progress, now at the stage of adding the brass - etched detail pieces. This is at the aft end of the superstructure, the bulkhead door there is the entrance to the Admirals quarters. Have tried to find out more about the band onboard on that fateful day 24th May 1941. Bandmaster Maurice Herod..Band Corporal Sydney Worsfold..Band Boy Alan Guest.. Musician Alfred Crawte..Nelson Dear..Archie Discombe..Lawrance Emery..Robert Fowler..Steadman Groves..George Long..William Pike..Reginald Porter..David Russel..David Tawney..Reginald Taylor.

When you think of how many we lost at sea from our marvelous bands, maybe some one has got a list of all those, or a memorial somewhere. I so enjoyed building "Bismarck" that when the opportunity arrived with "The Mighty Hood" it HAD to happen. Here we are at issue 45, so Wednesday is my trip into WH Smiths in Hitchin to collect them. Only 95 weeks to go. Building "Bis" seemed to fly past in time maybe 3 years later days seem to get longer and slower, my 78th this year and still enjoying life.

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Thank you and La Derzi for a magnificent site, do so enjoy having a look at all that is going on. Reading one of the many books about "Hood" I came across a piece about the Bandmaster no name given. This was 12-17th Jan 1924 The captain Im Thurn was onboard. The Bandmaster had got into difficult straits on shore leave and was feeling the pinch in the Petty Officer's mess. Someone gave him the idea of selling his motor bike by raffle. It seemed so capital a suggestion that he staged a raffle on the mess deck. He did well enough; the motor bike was duly awarded, the Bandmaster pocketed the proceeds and all seemed well. Captain Im Thurn heard about it, a total violation of King's regulations to pursue private business on board one of His Majesty's vessels, and even more serious violation to engage in public gambling. The Bandmaster was definitely in trouble and might have been court martialed for what he had done, fortunately for the bandmaster the previous Captain Mackworth was no longer in charge of his destiny. The Bandmaster was cautioned and written up in the "Hood" log.

Reading that brought back memories of Ray Banning my bandmaster on Tiger 61-63 he had a magnificent Scot Flying Squirrel a beautiful water cooled machine, he was a great friend. The photo with the Marine detachment is right under where the name "Hood" is in my photo. I can't remember ever seeing Marines in No.1s or did I miss something.

My very Best wishes to all serving and friends

Noel ex RMBx2664 49-66



My dear Richard,

Please find attached a Photo of H.M.S. Hood dated 20th May 1924, this is signed by members of the band that were aboard at the time, and maybe of interest to past and present members, the names that are discernable are.

BCpl, H.W. McConnell, Musns A Wicker, F Budden, A Dawner, F Greenwood, Harry Parker, MC Orrin, and
A Turner. This was found in the music library of the Ponsonby Boys band in Auckland, the band that use to be conducted by the late B/Sgt Jack Gray x 162, I have forwarded the original to the HMS Hood association in the UK.

Bern (Max) Beare

be conducted by the late B/Sgt Jack Gray x 162, I have forwarded the original to the HMS Hood association in the UK.

Bern (Max) Beare

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