British Cultural Festival in 1977 (Iran)
by Derek Roberts

Found some photos when rummaging around the garage today. They are not the best but may be of interest.

They were taken during the tour of Iran for the British Cultural Festival in 1977 with Plymouth group and other band members.

The photo that shows our accommodation block was built for the Asian Olympic games. Some might remember the dwarf who was our block cleaner and quite happy to put his hands down the toilets to clean them but not wash his hands after, later we would see him in dining the hall dishing out rice with these very hands (I think he did have yellow marigolds on for this operation! but not sure if he ever washed at all.)

The tour was quite an eye opener, what with some members of the band being involved where gunshots were fired I believe, wondering whether our plane could make it over the mountain range we were heading for while the toilets were being topped up and overflowing from bandsmen who had a rather upset stomachs due the food, to our bus driver taking us on a wrong route and losing the convoy, when we eventually found the convoy our bus driver was carted away never to be seen again. It was only a short time after the band returned to the UK that the Ayatollah Khomeini took over from the Shah of Iran. Oh happy days!


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