Noel Crook

An Update

Dear Richard time is moving on rapidly 86th went by 27Dec and still keeping the little grey cells working keeping my self busy with models of all different types Another of the Bismarck tho this time it has electrics for the Guns Lighting and Radar and Engines still another 20 weeks to final bits. The other is a Model of Amerigo Vespucci Italian training ship started that about a month ago to fill in the time with Sheila's passing 3 years ago the dining room table makes a nice size Work Bench. Have at last managed to find the HMS Tiger band in 1962 in a film with Sir John Mills it is on you tube sadly it is in Italian and right at the end of the film only a few minutes Ray Banning Bandmaster & Fred Pittaway Drums who stand out most. The film being ""The Valiant"" hoping you can find it .

I'm still very proud of my 17 years with the Best Military Bands in the world. My Best wishes to All in this very mixed up world. Keep Well and Safe.

Noel RMBx2664


The Valiant

Find at the very end the time around 1:21:49

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