In Memoriam - Marion Kay

Dear Richard,

In my last communication I meant to attach the Tennyson poem which I chose to have read at the graveside. Marion loved the Wolds as you know and there was very little about Tennyson and his family she did not know. This piece of verse epitomised everything I went through in the 9 days prior to her funeral so I attach it now.

Once again, thank you for all the support and kindness.

With love and best wishes,


And ask ye why these sad tears stream?
by Lord Alfred Tennyson

‘Te somnia nostra reducunt.’

And ask ye why these sad tears stream?
Why these wan eyes are dim with weeping?
I had a dream–a lovely dream,
Of her that in the grave is sleeping.

I saw her as ’twas yesterday,
The bloom upon her cheek still glowing;
And round her play’d a golden ray,
And on her brows were gay flowers blowing.

With angel-hand she swept a lyre,
A garland red with roses bound it;
Its strings were wreath’d with lambent fire
And amaranth was woven round it.

I saw her mid the realms of light,
In everlasting radiance gleaming;
Co-equal with the seraphs bright,
Mid thousand thousand angels beaming.

I strove to reach her, when, behold,
Those fairy forms of bliss Elysian,
And all that rich scene wrapt in gold,
Faded in air–a lovely vision!

And I awoke, but oh! to me
That waking hour was doubly weary;
And yet I could not envy thee,
Although so blest, and I so dreary.

Dear Jim,

I wept with much sympathy over the loss of your dear Marion, and knowing how my dear late mother loved this poet, made this all the more poignant. The pain of loss eventually becomes less hard to bear, but when memory returns to it over the future weeks and years, there is always that unique twinge of melancholy and yearning. It's just that electric shock of love reminding us of the joy of life that was shared. I'm sure that those who know you best are thinking of you and even those who have taken the time to read this, will be moved and humbled by such a loss. It is not the first time, nor will it be the last when a beloved spouse has been plucked from our otherwise - taken for granted - lives all too early. Dwell on the joy, and use it to eradicate the less enjoyed interludes of our lifetimes.

Sincerely, and on behalf of all God fearing and like-minded bandsmen and women of this great family.


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