Brian (Jock) Roberts

At long last I have joined the techno age and what a place it is.

I am ex RMB 3862 Brian (Jock) Roberts. I Joined in 1961 at Deal as a solo cornet under Walter Hargreaves, God Bless him! After I passed out in 1964 I went to HMS Tiger from 1965 till the end of 1966. Jock McConnell was the Bandmaster with "Spud " Taylor the Sergeant. There was also Barry Radford, Jim Tugwood. "Tusker" "Shiner Wright" to name but a few. They were good times. I still keep photos of those days.

In 1967 I went to the band at Ganges with people such as Chas Pelling, Jack Arbery, Rip Kirby, even Steve Misson.

I went back to Deal in 1969 with the Staff Band and left in 1971, taking redundancy.
I joined the West Mercia Police four days after leaving the RMB and completed 30 years service. I am now retired and living with my wife on Malta, a place I have always loved since I first came here in the 1960's. I still look at what used to be HMS St. Angelo with great affection.

If any ex Bandsmen are coming over to Malta on holiday or are thinking of coming over here to live, they can contact me with pleasure. THE BEER IS STILL GOOD HERE. Oh and yes I am still playing. I play with the local Bands here on the island. Good fun and great people. So if anyone fancies a "blow" contact me.

Best wishes,

Brian ( Jock) Roberts

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