Royal Tournament 1948

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Hi Rich.

Am impressed by your excellent WebSite. I submit the attached pic from the first postwar Royal Tournament, as a trade in for the 56 Edinburgh Tattoo pic which I cribbed earlier. Note the original Fanfare Trumpet Banners. This was also my first, Big Gig in the Band Service.

Regret that I was unable to find anything so exotic as the foursome beach scene, featured elsewhere on the notice board, from the 58 Vancouver Tattoo. Incidentally, that beach was closed due to pollution shortly after we left (didn't realise we'd left so many EMPTY Porchclimber gallon wine jars on it!) The accommodation block there is now a Youth Hostel and the old WW2 seaplane sheds now a yacht club. At present, I've celebrated my 70th year by skiing four countries last winter. Tignes FRANCE, Lech AUSTRIA, Jasper CANADA and Courmayeur ITALY. My sub is in the post Rich, honest! Had to mortgage my Honda CB600cc 4 Inline bike to manage it, but never mind. Seriously though, this is a great idea and will, I trust, continue to be well supported.

My best regards to anyone out there in Cyberspace who remembers

John Elsley.

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