Gordon "Nobby" Clark (RMBX 3147)
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Hi Dickie

So here I go first time sending a letter in to the ex-bandsmens web site that you run so well. It's great reading and memory jogger, I have already been in touch with N.B. to get Dave Pearson's address, a blast from the past seeing his name.

Anyway I am Nobby Clark sometimes known as Gordon but not very often (RMBX 3147) Joined deal, K block, Barham House Aug 1953, solo clart one of Jim's pupils never learnt a lot as we were always listening to his big ship stories. Reading some of the letters I see he is still telling them, morning Boss!

I served at Victory Barracks, Phoenicia, Daedalus, Terror, back to Daedalus then Raleigh band, Stonehouse, finally with the cream at Dartmouth, did you get the joke, cream, Devon. Now living in Stoke fleming just outside Dartmouth.

After retiring from the band service I joined the post office with the likes of Pincher Martin, Jan Buscombe and Keith Boswell who put me in touch with this site. Others around town I still see are John Lusher, Rod Farrell, Chris Sheppard and not so far away is Eddie Pescud. I guess that's enough name dropping for now. I have only become PC orientated since christmas when my younger daughter made me buy her old machine. I do not have a scanner to send in any photo's but I have plenty of oldish ones, I'll save them for a later date.

The photo's sent in about the demolition of deal barracks by Ron, is that the Ron Kempton? [Ed. No not Ron Kempton] if so how are you keeping, there's a few stories there might even make him blush. Just before christmas my wife and I were at a dinner with Ken Keast and Maureen he has just sold his business and retired so is enjoying the fruits of his labours, Rolls Royce indoor pool , etc. I am joking about the RR.

Anyone know the whereabouts of the likes of Oscar Wrightson, Reg and Mike Hall, and my old mate Barry Pettit. So anyone who might remember me if you are down this way send an e-mail and we can always have a pint or two. See you all at the reunion in Oct.

All the best to all


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