Colin Bryant & Bill Hartland

The picture attached is of Colin Bryant and myself taken in Bournemouth during our recent visit there. Colin was my fellow Solo Clarinet in the Home Fleet in 1956 and we served together on HMS Tyne. Colin had the distinction of being a National Serviceman, and it was my pleasure to have served with him, as he did all of the Dance Band Gigs which I hated, while I did the mundane items as in Wardroom Dinners and Ships Company Concerts and the like. Colin succeeded Joe Loss on the Cruise Liner Circuit, and still does the odd Cruise to this day, and his next foray is down to South Africa to pick up another Cruise Liner. As Colin says to me, it’s a hard life but, someone has to do it!

Colin still plays his New German Clarinet, although in our day it was the Simple System clarinet that he used. For those who frequent the odd Cruise Liner, just watch out for one of our Own who still plays, and who has the odd CD for sale, so if you are at all interested in Jazz Music, then Colin is to be recommended. I have two of his latest CD’s entitled, Colin Bryant’s Hot Rhythm and The Clarinet and Saxophone of Colin Bryant – Pick Yourself Up.

Yours Aye!
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