I have been wanting to send these pics for a while. Queen Elizabeth's Coronation.
I still have the actual paper, "East Kent Times" how well that is still holding together,
VERY VERY FRAGILE now. My Mothers treasure.
My Photo and a piece about me are on the same page a bit further over.
I am looking forward to King Charles' Day. Wishing you and all those that are still carrying on well.
Just seen on the pages Present Director of Music presented with MVO.



All 17 years and 5 months.
I really did enjoy my 18 years Service.



After the Coronation I returned to Deal, down to Portsmouth to join HMS Glasgow for the Spithead Review, what a wonderful sight that was, when we HAD a Navy then. The programme for the 11th June in Malta conducted by Sir Malcolm Sargent, after the show I asked him for his signature as you can see he gave and thanked me, I did get told off for being so forward, who cares I got it!
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