Dear Dickie,

We have various recollections as to our life at Howstrake, but little about our relationships with the local people on the Island which were good.

I myself made friendships as did others.

A compilation of memories of ex Howstrake B/Boys could eventually be written with a view to featuring it on the Web site. Maybe people interested could email their stories to me etc. or via your web, in order to make an article.

I myself can think of one or two things - the civilian catering up to 1943. - the invites to tea some of us had. - the women openly crying when the Military Funeral of Band Boy Daniels passed. The Salvation Army Canteen in Strand Street.

Let me know your views, and if you agree by all means publish the idea, with my email details.

The Site is as good as ever, keep up the good work.


Frank Coleman

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