Update Nov 28th, 2012
A West Country Reunion
in memory of the late Pete Westaway - RIP

Hi Shipmates,

I regret that I am still no further in advancing the proposed WCR in memory of the late Pete Westaway, and am reluctant to go into any expense with writing to individuals on the grounds of cost. So, if you or anyone you are in contact with wishes to attend a Reunion in Bristol, then please contact me asap, as I have limited time in order to arrange such an event.

My kind thanks to those who have already been in touch, but, the few are not enough to warrant my organiser putting herself or her company to any expense if it is not a viable exercise for her.

Please do give this matter due consideration and reply as appropriate.

Also my kind thanks to Joan Westaway for supplying me with Names and Addresses.

Yours aye,


Editor www.hmsgambia.com


Sorry to inform you of those who may have shown an interest in the WCR, but, I have had to pull the plug on holding this occasion at the former venue, on the grounds of cost and the limited room available to us for this event.

So, I suggest a weekend on the outskirts of Bristol at a Hotel which is used by another Ships Association.

I will make details known via this medium, subject to the compliance and agreement of the Web Master (?), so would welcome all the support that I can muster.

It would be most helpful if everyones email address were up to date so that I may communicate with them direct....

Kind regards,

Bill Hartland


It is the greatest wish and with full ambition and encouragement of this site, to announce the continuance of the West Country RM Band Reunion devoted to the memory of Peter Westaway who was a stalwart friend to those who know him and who for several years ran the function on behalf of the many who attended.

We would encourage everyone with the time and the will power, to pay great tribute to our friend who has left us behind.

Bill Hartland (a squaddie of Peter's) who has attended in the past, wishes to take on the mantle and with the blessing of Pete's widow Joan Westaway.

Please direct all your correspondence directly to Bill Hartland as I know that he has already begun proceedings in the direction of a venue and a date yet to be advised.

Bill can be contacted via his e-mail thus:


Here follows some recent text from Bill Hartland defining some of the proposed timing and of the event:

"Hi Shipmates, this is just a forewarning that you just may receive a telephone call from me over the next few days, to confirm your postal address in full, and to request your interest in the proposed West Country Reunion, in Remembrance of the late Peter Westaway. I have the approval of Joan Westaway to undertake this task, and she is highly delighted to think that anyone would do such a thing in remembrance of Pete. I hope you all agree and will respond in a positive way. Those who know me, will say some not so pleasant things about me without doubt, and I do not and will not deny that I am forthright in my opinions and as such do not suffer fools gladly, my being one of the fools of course, so again, I ask of you to show some consideration toward my late friend Pete Westaway, you will give some kind of support for what I propose.

That proposal is to hold another Reunion at the China Fleet Club in Saltash, to be arranged by the Isle of Wight Tours. That will preclude any involvement from myself and they would carry out all arrangements and the collection of monies etc.,

You would probably still require to make your own accommodation arrangements with the China Fleet Club, or with other local hotels if your attendance would require a number of nights overstay.

Your thoughts, first impressions etc., would be very much appreciated.

I am minded that it will be May 2013 for a Reunion due to my own commitments with hospital treatments and personal agenda.

In closing, anyone heard from Vic Sylvester lately? Some may remember his being called Barry Sylvester, his actual name, but, old habits eh?"

Yours aye,

Bill Hartland

Editor www.hmsgambia.com

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