Bismarck ~ by Noel Crook
Bismarck I - III

Hi Dickie.

Thank you for the invite. Bismarck is coming on slowly, another 25 weeks to the finish of the series, then there is the finish paint job. It has been a real experience building this, never done anything of this scale, at 52 inches overall, parts are so tiny, and in places I am using a 1/64 drill very careful with these, break so easily.

A photo of my other build is an Italian Tug "Anteo" 1930 she is 36 inches long and Radio controlled, as the "Bismarck" will be. As you will have seen it was a Diamond anniversary for me on the 4th May 60 years ago joining the Royal Naval School of Music at Burford that also goes for Ken Stagg, the only other one I can find from that time. Thank you both for the wonderful pages.

I had an email from Claire saying that her Dad Vic Sylvester has had another heart attack so he is very poorly.

All my Best wishes to all of that Great Family. Royal Marines School of Music

Noel Crook


Please keep us up to date with your progress Noel. A fantastic project and I'm sure
that many of us will be interested to see the end result. [Editor]

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