The Programme (.pdf file)
Monash Concert Band - June 2009
By Michael Thompson

Hi Richard

Just a quick note to let you know that Monash Concert band had a full house at the recent Showcase Concert, on Sunday 7th June 2009. The theatre seats 550 and every seat was filled. Over the past 5 years our audience has grown and we seem to have a regular patronage. (grey rinse set groupies)

Please see attached photo and .pdf Programme.

I was very humbled to see Ray Taylor ( ex RMB Trumpet) and his wife Jenny.

Health update;

Well, the pacemaker has been fitted and I saw the cardiologist today, 12th June. I was a bit concerned when a young lady hung a scanner over the area of the new pacemaker and said that she was going to turn me on. I didn’t know how to take that remark and was very concerned that either the heart or the pacemaker might not cope. However, I was somewhat relieved when I found she meant, she was turning the pacemaker on.

Best regards,

Tommo 2

Michael Thompson
Director of Music
Monash Concert Band
0414 575 795

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