From Bill Hartland
Ralph Payne
76 Squad

Hi Rich

This was the squad which passed for duty in November 1941! Ralph Payne, who was at the Adelaide Reunion, allowed me to bring this picture home so that I could scan it. Front right is I believe one Minnie Mewhort who I served with in the Home Fleet in the mid fiftes. I have no idea who the others pictured are, so perhaps your favourite bloodhounds could do some research on this one?

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Slowly, slowly, I know a couple more of the names of this squad and I feel sure we will find them all eventually. Back left is A. F. Lee (darky Lee) excellent soccer player, brother of E J Lee in the following squad, 78, also an excellent soccer player and top grade musician who went to the Welsh Guards on his 12.)

Next to him is a fellow called Callaghan. Miss one, then Jack Doyle, first rate Euph and Cello, hard to get along with unless you played well. 2nd row blank except for the usual names of the Officers and instructors which everyone must know by now. No 3 of the front row is another excellent euph and Cello and next to him is the very well known, Titch Galvin a really fine soccer player, despite being very low to the ground, he was very well known indeed. Minnie Mewhort was not at the end of that row, but the penultimate boy. I think I know more but it will take time to drag them to the surface. Just can't bring that other euph and cello to mind either. I might have told you before, fine player, amazing how many good euph and cellos came from around that time (I was in 78 squad! with Ted Lee). We had a really whizzo cello teacher (Pusser Reed) and a bunch of goodish euph teachers.

Another name, the one I was missing when I wrote last, a day or so ago. The third bloke in from the left in the front row is Ginger Corben, another very good euph and cello. Ralph may be able to give some idea what his number was. There are still a lot of blanks amongst the names in that squad....

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