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Sylvia and I were watching a movie this afternoon called 'Indiscreet' with Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman it was made in 1958 and during the film they had a ball in what looked like the ballroom of Royal Naval College Greenwich, the RMB band were playing and I thought I recognized the Cello player I think it may have been Ron Kempton? Can anyone remember? I spent a time in the band at Chatham and I think we used to go up to London to do this type of thing.

God bless and love to all
Bill & Sylvia Matthews

[editor] Readers would do well to read Jim Mason's account of this gig and knowing Jim as I do, he will tell you in greater detail the origins of the occasion and likely names to the few faces within shot in the movie and any stills you care to observe from the numerous ones via the link above.

I recall with great affinity those lovely dinner gigs at the RN College Greenwich where besides being a CAT IV?, we were always fed and watered to great satisfaction. I have since been back to the venue in recent years but sadly the great hall was under renovation at the time.

See Terry Freestone's account below...............he was there!


Ron Kempton ('Cello) Jim Mason (Baton) et al


Terry Freestone recollects:

I recall a section of the Deal Staff band under BM Jim Mason going up to London on 6 Feb 1958 (the day of the Man Utd plane crash in Munich) for a few days on set at, I think, Pinewood studios where for the filming of Indiscreet with Ingrid Bergman & Cary Grant. We mimed the scenes of the NATO ball in the Painted Hall Greenwich which was a very good reconstruction in the studio. Behind Jim visible from R-L is Ron Kempton, Sgt Tom Knowler and Bert Nichols.

Cymbal Crash and Jim announces- “Ladies & Gentlemen, please take your places for an Eightsome Reel” and the cameras concentrating on Grant fooling on the dance floor. I think we were up in town for 2 days and seem to recall the fee was £14 which was about 2 weeks pay then. Very welcome!

Here is the shot of Ray Woodfield and Ingrid Bergman from the filming over a couple of days. Other members of the band were myself & Ray Alberry trumpets, Bob (Paddy) Moore Bass, Colin Redfern piano (National Service, now in Boca Raton, Florida; he must have married the legendary rich heiress..).

I don`t remember we needed to play any music, just miming to a pre-recording by a band, of the NATO Ball scene from the mocked-up set of the Painted Hall. Also on site were the sets for the apartment of Ingrid in London furnished with some really world-class top Impressionist pictures, they certainly looked authentic to us as we strolled around during our stand-easy tea breaks from filming, but as there didn`t seem to be any extra security were probably very good copies.

We stayed overnight at the Union Jack Club in Waterloo, with those slippery rubber undersheets the beds were all equipped with. As I said previously, I think the gig was at Pinewood Studios.

Best wishes to all, Terry

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