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My dear friends,

Over the years we have accumulated many photographs which you see included on our vast website. The quality of many are astounding, yet the poor quality of others must not be criticised, but be cherished as memories we all share are very important.

My collection is not huge and certainly not comprehensive. Indeed my dear mother (deceased 1977) gave me a new instamatic camera to take along with me on my main Royal Yacht trip during the mid-70's and I took many photographs with the intention of bringing the film home and having them processed. Sadly, few if any were successful so I have to say I have a tiny and insignificant account of my lovely time onboard "the yacht" in all the foreign aspects we enjoyed.

It goes without saying that if any of you out there who served along with me and who have any additional ones that include myself, then please forward to me for my interest and surely to perhaps add them to our ever growing site. Enjoy your time looking at a little of my past.

Richard "Dickie" Valentine.

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