Ref: 1962 Concert


Thank's for bringing to my notice the contribution from Stephen Cook about the programme for the 1962 concert. This certainly bought back lots of memories. It was fascinatating to see the names of so many of my colleagues and friends at the time, particularly those of John Bradshaw and Paddy Dolan with whom I went out gigging.

I wish now, that I had kept the programme from a similar concert in 1951. As I was fortunate enough to win the Cassel Prize bronze medal for piano that year, I was required to perform a solo. I hope the audience appreciated my rendition of 'The Harmonious Blacksmith (Air and Variations)'. The Silver medal went to my good friend and subsequent best man Colin Jukes (oboe).

I wonder whether anybody has kept a record of Cassel prize winners over the years, and is it still awarded?

It is moments of nostalgia such as this, that make my membership of this unique club of ex. RMB's so worthwhile.

Thank you once again.

Best wishes,

Gerry Taylour

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