Sgt's Mess Pantomime - The Return Of........
Update Aug 13th
The Wizard Who's Odd!

We are pleased to inform readers that The Deal Sgts Mess Panto' is to be resurrected and to be performed at The Astor Theatre <click> in Deal from 4th thru 12th of January 2013.

"The wizard who's odd"

...........has been written by Brian Short and the cast comprises of ex bandsmen and marines. Phil Hughes is the Musical Director and the lead role of Dorothy is being taken on by Alan Upton.

Tickets (£10) will be going on sale sometime this month by The Astor.
The proceeds will be going to Service charities.

I can confirm that tickets are being sold by The Astor Theatre on or by telephone on 01304 370220, 3 performances have already been sold out!!!!!.

£10 per ticket. Should you wish to sponsor a performance this is £300 with 20 free tickets and drinks.
So hurry up folks!!!!

[Webmaster] I think it may be a little early to see the announcement on the web site but please do honour the phone number given above to continue to support this venture that truly has the best interests of our Service Charities at heart.

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