Ian Williams

1 - 78 Troop

Thanks to Terry Freestone for spotting the photo in the book:
Royal Marines Deal

A Pictorial History

No. 1 CG Squad
Courtesy of Halsgrove (publisher)

Graham Hoskins

No. 10 CG Squad 1953

Brian Reynolds
RMB 4405

Mike 'Taff' Webber
RMBX 3144

Royal Marines School of Music
Completed Group Training June 1953.

No 20 Commandant General's Squad and Draft Buglers
Passed for Duty August 1956
Dave Simpson

48 CG Squad
Tom Mailey
RMB 3755

6/59 New Entry
John Green
RMB 4225

3/68 New Entry Squad

Gloucester House 1969
Submitted by Jessie Nash

RNSM 1944-45
Football Team


Bob Cummins
RMB 3840


4/61 New Entry Squad

46 CG Squad

Eric Hayward

16 CG Squad

G. J. 'Nobby' Clark
RMBx 3147


Ian Naylor
RMB 4354

1/71 Squad
Dave 'Trog' Tremaine
RMB 3928

6/62 New Entry Squad

47 CG Squad

Gloucester House

CinC Nav Home Band 1966
Dave 'Trog' Tremaine
RMB 3928

Plymouth Group Band 1970
Glyn Thomas
RMBX 3224

HMS Newcastle football team 1956

J/Wing Rugby 1954

HMS Newcastle band 1956
Kevin Vickers
RMB 3423

Gloucester House Xmas 57

Gloucester House Boxing Team 57
Chris (Dan) Archer

HMY Britannia 1981
Jim Kay
RMB 3467

7/55 Squad

Brian Thorogood
RMB 3456

655 Recruit Squad 1955

Barham Boxing 1956
Barry Radford
RMB 3507

27 CG Squad 1958
Mike Hickman
RMB 3482

1956 New Intake

28 CG Squad/59
A Wardle
RMBX 3000

17 CG Squad 1955
Bill Hartland

18 CG Squad 1955
Dave Seed
RMB 4084

2/66 New Intake

Junior Command Course
John Masters
See John's other photos

Royal Yacht 1970

Royal Yacht 1962/3

HMS Kenya 1949

HMS Victorious 1959
Ken Tyler

79 Squad ~ 1942
Mike Howarth
RMB 3938

HM Yacht Families Day
RMB 3696

4/58 New Intake

Eagle House Xmas 58

CG Squad - Aug 61
Ray Manderson
RMB 3574

6/56 New Intake
John Bower
RMBX 2345

BMs Class 59

Alan K. Busby
RMB 3784

4/60 New Intake
Bill Callow
RMB 3979

5/63 New Intake

Gloucester House 64/64
John Buberle
RMB 3605

Eagle House 1957

Eagle House 1958

Dave Barton
RMB 3958

4/63 New Intake

Neptune House Xmas 64
Mike Hutton
RMB/X 2638

No. 5 CG Squad of 1951

HMS Thunderer 1963
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Recollections. Mike was also in the same B/Ms class as Terry Freestone so please see Terry's section on this page for that. Excuse some links have failed over time and they will be repaired in due course.
Bob Taylor
RMB 4121

1/67 New Intake

Sec Commdr. Course

Neptune House 1969
David Webster
RMBx 2034
This is the passing out squad photograph of 85 Squad who joined at Scarborough on the 6th April 1943 and trained on the Isle of Man. Our service numbers ranged from RMB/X2024 to X2041 I think. We were all aged 14 -16 years and I was 14 ½. Donald Mankins' parents were quite well off and bought him out after a few months. Ray Wilding was discharged and went on to become quite a well known heavyweight boxer in this country and the USA. Once I left the IOM I never again met up with any of the remainder of the squad which I think must be some sort of record,. even though I completed my 12 years service. I do know that Peter Diment completed his 12 years and went on to be percussionist with the Met. Police Band.
Trevor Lintott

No. 2 CG Squad

HMS Superb 54/55
Derek Usher
RMB 3645

3/57 New Intake

33 CG Squad/1960
Paul Collett
RMB 3827

New Intake 3/61

42 CG Squad 1963

Roger Smith
RMB 3597

7/56 New Intake

Neptune House 1958

31 CG Squad 1960

30 CG Squad
Brian Hobbs
RMB 3884

3/62 New Intake

Neptune House
Xmas 64

45 CG Squad
Please find attached photos for your “Squad & House” photo page.
There is a story about the Neptune House Photo. Prior to the photo shoot day all boys agreed to poke their tongue into their cheeks or pulling sad faces (it seemed all the rage at that time for some reason long forgotten). When the proofs were received by C/Sgt Petterson (we were really mean to him as Boys!!) he was apoplectic. We were all paraded and very well told off. The next time Basil Kidd was in we had another one taken (the one attached). If you look very closely at Andy Mytum and me the message didn’t quite get through!

Best wishes to all RMB’s (ex and current) Brian 'Eggy' Hobbs.
Willi Watson
RMB 3599

Spring 1961
Royal Yacht

Autumn 1961
Royal Yacht
Links to Willi's other contributions can be accessed from the link under his name above.
Sidney G Sheard

Boys Recruit Squad /54
You can click the icon under Sid's name for a further look into his memories shared.
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Herman Clarke
RMBx 3329

26 CG Squad/58

David Hadfield
RM 20749

New Intake 5/61

Terry Freestone
RMBx 2505

2 CG Squad/50

1961 B/M's Class
Chris Mutlow
RMB 4029

5/64 New Intake

2/67 Section Commanders Course

Inter-House Swimming Cup / Summer 68
Adrian Brett
RMB 3730

3/59 New Intake

38 CG Squad
Mick Tellick
RMB 3512

2/56 Squad

Neptune House 1959
Geoff Gouk
RMB 3769

2/60 New Intake

40 CG Squad
Geoff is excused missing most of the names of 2/60 photo, so please, if anyone can assist in
completing the names then please do. Please endeavor to send photo's with names. Thank you.
Bryan Richard Walker
RMB 4336

2/70 New Intake

RMSM June 1995
An on-going project!
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