J/wing hockey team of 1965/66.

Hi Richard,

I was e-mailing Paul Harker the other day and he sent a copy of this photo which is the J/wing hockey team of 1965/66.

I can remember most of the names but was wondering if you could put this on the web site and see if we cannot fill in the blanks.

Top row is PTI ? Bettis, John J O'Neil, ?? Smithy Smithson ?? Roger Crossman Terry Bignell Major Campbell. The PTI I cannot remember but then there is myself, Paul Harker, Roger waterfield, Paul Welstead and Dave Barton.

Hope you can print this as it would be fine for the others in the photo to look back at some more memories.
Hope all is well with you my friend and hope to see you at the reunion this year.

Best wishes


PS: Ray Lloyd suggests the PTI's name. Thank you.

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