RMB/X 1121 Staff Bandmaster John "Charlie" West (Deceased)
The Fabulous 50's
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Hello Dickie,

I have enjoyed your website enormously.

I have 8 photos I have scanned that belonged to my late father, RMB/X 1121 Staff Bandmaster John "Charlie" West, who was a RMB 1937 - 63 and passed away in 2004. They mainly relate to RMSM Deal in the 1950s, although I cannot identify them all.


Mike West

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01- Staff Band at the old Heathrow airport waiting to board a plane to Jersey for the Battle of the Flowers Festival



04 - Johnny Bull (A great character!) Reg Morris, Keith Turton, Charlie West and Eric Fletcher.

05 - Bandmasters class 1954


07 - Hockey - Deal
08 - Instructional Staff - J Wing 1957

[Editor] I'm sure that Mike would love to hear from anyone of John's era. I served from the mid 60's and of course recognise many of the faces in the Staff photo. My two dear old prof's Walter Hargreaves and Mr Collins. Yes......I was at first a cornet holder then to become a principal clarinet. Thanks to Lou Arnold and Paul Neville.

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