The very first Edinburgh Tattoo

Thumbing through old photograph albums leads to all sorts of surprises. Here is a picture that only the very oldest and the very boldest will remember as a reality. It is the very first Edinburgh Tattoo. The man in the lumberjack type shirt was the famous Mike Todd, inventor of 3 d filming. It was essential to have as bright sunshine as possible (In Edinburgh!) to be able to film in this mode and we stood around for several days trying to capture whatever we could. Tommy Lang was desperate to capture it and the Officer in charge of the Guard was very hot under the collar about it. I think he was J. H. Blood, the Adjutant at Deal. I think it was 1948, but memory is not what it was.

It must have been as we did the same routine, modified to meet the restrictions of the available space. Hope it comes through to you.

Ever,Tom (Lambert)

PS: I was a Corporal!

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