Cliff Bull Recollections

Hi Dickie.

These pictures were sent to me by Cliff Bull who does feature in a couple of them. This one was taken in Burford, it's one of the Barrack Rooms and as you can see there were quite a few guys in each room! There are 23 Band Boys on view from probably a total of 30 plus a section leader & senior boy. I have no idea who these guys are but it must be circa 47-49 so there will be someone out there who will recognise himself and mates.

Best wishes.


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This is Deal 50-51 Boys Football Team.......

Back Row LtoR ------- ------- Phillips, Mann, John Stone, Dick Hawkins, Dave Rice, Wilson. Neff Collins,
Sitting. ------- PTI, Oscar Murch, Martin Pound, Jack Tomlin, Mick Walters, D/M Tobin,
Colin Wyer, Cliff Bull.

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This must have been the 3rd or 4th Commandant Generals Squad.

There are many familiar faces including Macklin, Corner, PD Smith, Eggy Epps, Stan Willkinson, Bob Rawson, Greasy Wilson, Cliff Bull and Roy Nash. Perhaps someone will add the missing ones. Among the front two rows are Bomber Wells, RSM Franks, Pop Talling, Martin Pound and the infamous Capt Blood.

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