Here is a report on the recent reunion in Adelaide.

This year it was held on the first weekend in May with new venues for all of the events.

Those attending were, Bob Chumley, Robert (Ginge ) Chamberlain, Roger (Mr Universe) Walker, Syd Pavitt, Barrie Baker, Peter Checkley, and of course myself. Apologies were received from Mike Thompson, Ray (Taff Taylor) , Bill Mathews and Tony Oberdries. A few others couldn't make it this year but hope to next time. Our wives and partners made up the group.

We gathered on the Friday evening 4th May at the Watermark Hotel in Glenelg for the Meet and Greet with plenty of food and drinks. Unfortunately, just as things had settled down to an enjoyable time we were advised the table booked for us had only been booked for two hours so we would have to move on. We moved to a different bar area which turned out to be rather noisy. The evening over all was enjoyable and all retired looking forward to the "official dinner" next day.

On Saturday 5th may at 1800hrs we assembled in a rather cosy room at the Broadway Hotel, Broadway, South Glenelg where our dinner was held. This year turned out to be a lot less "formal' than in past years however the Loyal Toast was proposed as was the Toast to Absent Friends. A Toast to the Royal Marines was also proposed by our new associate, Peter Checkley. A letter from the PDM Lt. Col. Jon Ridley was very warmly received and out thanks go out to him for his comments regards keeping the older past members involved with the Band Service.

Peter Checkley joined the RMB, 5th September 1967, his number being RMB 4181. After transferring to the GD branch the following year he joined JE39. After 25 years he had progressed through the ranks to WO2. He left the Corps immigrating to Australia 1992 where he then joined the Australian Army, SAS Regiment and served two tours of duty with them in Afganistan where he was seriously injured. He was medically discharged in the rank of Major after a total of 45 years continious service. Peter was accompanied by his lovely wife Jenny and his assistance dog Ruby, who sat under the table and devoured the largest Carrot I think I have ever seen.

Our Sunday event is usually a BBQ at midday, this year due to unforseen circumstances it was decided to gather for a very late Breakfast or early lunch (BRUNCH) in the hotel where three of us were staying. This turned out to be a good idea and at 1030hrs we all sat down to a most enjoyable meal.

This is usually the time to discuss plans for the next reunion being 2019. One member present said he felt the Reunion had "Run it's Course" and this present one should be the last. I'm glad to say the consensus was to continue and the decision was made we would again gather in Glenelg in 2019.

Now the decision has been made, we are hoping more will find their way clear to attend. Venues are in process of being sorted and is looking like the date will be either LAST WEEKEND of March or FIRST WEEKEND of April 2019 in Glenelg, Adelaide, South Australia as usual. Please spread the word. I have checked and our Reunion will not conflict with the Mountbatten Festival of Music so is possible those who enjoy the time at the Royal Albert Hall would still be able to join us.

For those of you who know Barrie Baker and Ray Taylor you may not be aware both are struggling with ill health and if you would like to have contact with them, please feel free to contact me and I will provide their contact details.

My best regards to all and once again, thank-you Richard

Eric Hayward


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