Sydney Ernest Wale

Hi Richard,

I would like to hear from anyone who knew my late father 'Sydney Ernest Wale' RMBX 1812. He was enlisted on 22nd Sept 1941, and was discharged on 4th Jan 1955. He received the 1939-45 star, Atlantic Star, and Burma star war medal.

His certificate of discharge shows he was a 'company pay clerk'. H M ships-'Impregnable" and "London". He was an all round drummer and percussionist. I have some great photos also. I hope somebody out there knew him and can share a story with me. My e-mail address is

Just thought you might like these pictures. Apart from the second one (who is my father-Syd Wale RMBx 1812) I have no idea who anyone else is. My father died in 1983, I was only 14 I would love to hear from anyone who recognizes him. I think these were taken on board 'HMS Birmingham'.

[Editor - perhaps the band from HMS Birmingham but certainly not on board]


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