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Coronation Day - June 2nd 1953

Marshall and Snelgrove
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Hi Rich,

Saying about my move to NZ. Going through my photo's in the loft, found this one of the Coronation, what a wet day that was, can't remember seeing this photo before on the pages.

Marshall and Snelgrove

Debenhams was not formerly Debenham and Freebody. It was formerly Marshall and Snelgrove on Oxford Street.

Marshall and Snelgrove / Debenhams is on Oxford Street, and Debenham & Freebody was on Wigmore Street. Marshall & Snelgrove bought Debenham & Freebody at some point - there were tunnels and what-not between the stores that disappeared when Marshall & Snelgrove / Debenhams was rebuilt in the early 1970s. I think the name was changed roughly the same time.

Debenham & Freebody was much more upmarket than Marshall & Snelgrove/Debenhams and closed getting on for thirty years ago.

Grand Coronation Concert
Grand Coronation Concert - Sir Malcolm Sargent
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Here is another one of interest, as you see 1953 programme of the concerts conducted and signed by the great man himself. Myself, Dave Power & Jimmy Morrow who was supposed to be going on leave from the Coronation but drafting had other ideas, were sent out to Malta aboard HMS GLASGOW from the Spithead review by the Queen to augment the Clarinet section for these concerts, what an experience for me my 1st Draft and Ship.

The pages are wonderful and feel real chuffed and honored to be on there.

Thank you so much Richard.

Noel Crook

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