Memories of Dave Elliott
courtesy of Michael Hutton

David in full No 6s.
Boys dance band circa 1947-48. David is centre of sax section.
Royal tour on the 'Gothic' I think Dave is 1st left, but who are all the rest?
A rather splendid Coronation snap from 1953. Must be the Pompey Band.
Dave is next to the Lt/Cdr and I think I recognise quite a few but will await response from others!
This looks like Sunday Church Service at sea.
Ships Bands didn't always have the luxury of a Drum Major! As you can see the Bandmaster leading his troops. Not sure where? Someone will know.
No explanation needed. Entering harbour - band on the flight deck.
The dance band at work. Not sure who the Officer is? Maybe Doug Haigh or Bert Farlow! any answers welcome.
Burford - 47 or 48?

Name list or part of it



After looking at Dave Elliott's obituary I thought you might like some of the photo's explained.

06 - The church service was on HMS Eagle which we did every Sunday at sea.
07 - The ships band was marching through the streets of Gibralter around 1965-66.
09 - The dance band was in fact HMS Terror's (Singapore) 1968-69.
08 - Military band conducted by Bert Farlow playing at a British week in Tokyo, we got there courtesy of the RN, and the band photo was taken on the flight deck of HMS Eagle.

I think all together I spent about 5 years with Dave.


Thanks for the memories

Geoff Gouk (RMB 3769 Trombone)

10 - I wasn't going to bother with this one but I'll let you decide if it will be any good on the web-site. The first one shows the complete picture then 11 & 13 are enlarged half of each. I suppose 12 is quite interesting as it gives many names....I wonder if there is anyone still around who might be able to fill in a few more? It's before I joined so must be 47 or 48 in Burford.

Many thanks.



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