HMS JAMAICA 1949/51 My one and only professional portrait. On passing for duty 1947
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Hi Richard,

May I also add my congratulations on the 'New Look' of your website. It has always been of the highest quality but you have found a little something 'extra'.

An assesment that can be no better, remembering the old Service Certificate. VG/SUPR.

I'll dig out some more photo's from the old days say........HMS JAMAICA 1949/51

Photo. Pearl Harbour Friday 13th May 1949

'Til the next time,


Tex Rickards

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November 1950

HMS Jamaica - Pearl Harbour

Jamaica's Pantomime - Glasspole style

HMS Jamaica's' Pantomime December 1949
Thanks to Stan Glasspole who wrote Cinderella in rhyme.
One of his many efforts.

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