by Willi Watson

Some photos taken on my phone of the ALL STARS rehearsal and concert on 22nd March 2015. Some also taken by Roger Smith's son #2 of the actual concert.

You will see:

Phil Hughes leading the flutes
Mike Tellick and Roger Smith on 2nd clart
Mike and Roger again with Jeff Boorer also on 2nd clart ...
and Bob Gill in the row behind
Adrian Brett on picc chatting to Phil Hughes
(did any of us know what a handsome back Phil has??!!)
Wally Walters, oboe on left of picture with Mike Hutton, euph, right rear
and Richard Baker 4th from right
The clarinet section led by Pete Rose
Observing the rehearsal is Don "Ginger" Feather with Wally Waters (horn) at the rear.
George Simpson is saying "cheese" for me
Gordon Saville arriving for the concert
The Corps of Drums in the finale

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Roger Smith, Richard Baker and Ginger Feather were on "Centaur" with me.
Jeff Boorer was at Eastney and the Yot with me.
George Simpson was my room-mate on the USA Staff Band tour in 1965 with Adrian Brett also on that tour.
Wally Waters (horn!) was made Lance Corporal and drafted in to my CG Squad as my 2nd horn.
Roger Smith and Phil Hughes joined up with me, with Phil being ONE DAY older than me. He was also in my CG Squad.
Roger Smith, Mike Tellick and Gordon Saville were all in the same CG Squad.
Gordon Saville was at Eastney with me with both of us playing at the
With the exception of Mike Hutton, Wally Waters, horn, Ginge Feather and Pete Rose ... we were all boys together!!

At first glance the All Stars Band is a group of grey-haired (if lucky!!) elderly men playing their instruments. I looked deeper and saw friends and comrades from my youth, all of them having some sort of influence on my life and making me realise how lucky and glad I am to have been part of a tightly-knit and talented group of musicians.

The step from the floor of the hall to the first tier of the stage is high and one could see quite a few ageing, arthritic knees and hips struggling to get up and down (eg: Phil Hughes is having a knee replacement later on this year!!). Roger already has a plastic knee amongst the multitude of things that ail him (let's face it, the guy's ALMOST bionic!!!!!) and he was having real difficulty getting down this step at the end of the concert. His struggles were seen by Nick Grace who came to his rescue and supported his 17 stone down to ground level!! What a nice man; Roger says it's the first time he's ever been cuddled by a PDM!!!!!!

Best wishes to you all.


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