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Hi Rich,

Thanks for the reply, good to know that you are all OK. I and Sheila (my wife) have wept many times over what has happened, not a day has gone by without those terrible scenes of what has happened.

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I have enclosed a photo taken in '64 outside "E" Block - East Barracks of the SO department with my then wife Carol the WREN on the left, who sadly passed very suddenly in May 1997. My question to you is Roy Nash the Royston Nash that I've read of in the Blue Band? If so, then of course he knew Carol.

Best Wishes and God Bless you all in the States.




Having been ASO(M) for 7 years I was intrigued by Noel's photo on the Notice Board. With a great deal of help from Dougie Powell and friends I think we've managed to fill in most of the blank names for you.

Rear Left to Right:
Laurence (Steve) Race, John Maddy, Norman Rigden?, Stan Glasspole, Bob Charters, Aggy Weston (perc repair), The inimitable Joe (Algie) Guest.
Front: BMstr Bill Bailey.

Keep up the good work Dickie, you're doing a great job. The site is on permanent bookmark.

Alick Harwood

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Royston Nash was appointed Music Director and Conductor of the Cape Symphony Orchestra in 1980