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Tom Lambert >>> Some years ago...

The South Australian Octogenarian
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Malta 22 June 1927, born into a Military family.

Maxie Beare meet Tom Lambert

Tom Lambert and Maxie Beare

Lewis Thomas Lambert, fondly known to all who know him as Tommy Lambert. What a thrill it was for me to receive from his daughter Gillian an invitation to Tommy’s surprise 80th birthday celebration, along with other ex R M Bandsmen, family and friends.

I arrived at Adelaide International Airport on Saturday the 23rd June and was met by Bob Chumley and Eric Hayward. I was to stay with Bob and Carol and was to be kept hidden until the celebration began proper at 1pm on Sunday. Saturday was a day of chat and catching up with all the Aussie news and, likewise the Kiwi news since we last met in December 06. It was then that we learned Ray and Jenny Taylor had motored down from Melbourne, as did Eric and Jan, also in the mix was Jan Bulley and wife Hilde, it can now be seen that this was the start of a further reunion of like minded souls. However the main event was not far away, and after a good nights rest we were all up and ready for the big day.

Arriving at Zac's famous restaurant, we were then introduced to the remainder of Tom's family and all his friends the number swelling by the minute. Keeping this secret was the devils own job, and was nearly spoiled by Tom's son David who had flown in from Melbourne where he now lives and rang his Dad to wish him happy birthday cos he was unable to attend. Haha! saying the weather in Adelaide was colder than in Melbourne? Come 1pm after all the introductions all eyes were on the main door, when, Tom, Marge and Gillian appeared. Tom's first reaction was to say the least bizarre, stumbling in seeing all those people sort of threw him, and all he could utter was "I’m gob smacked", then he recognised all the ex Bandsmen present, and became very emotional. Max, Max, MAX, is that really you? I had emailed the night before wishing him well, from my home in NZ.

Well, after big hugs and more tears, and heaps of photographs we sat down to the surprise lunch, and the attached pictures will show at least some of the atmosphere that was created. The inevitable speeches given by a number of guests really showed how much dear Tom is thought of, and in his own speech all he could dwell on was the time he spent with the Pompy band and all that served there. Now then, the highlight of this occasion you may think has been the meeting and the dining, No way! It was indeed the announcement by Tom that he had received would you believe it? A Birthday card from none other than our own Capt General Prince Phillip, sadly it was not signed, but never the less, it took up half the after noon doing its rounds being shown to all and sundry. What a picture Tom's face was on the showing and subsequent reading of the text.

All good things they say come to an end, and this was no exception, it was time to say goodbye as we all went our different ways, those present were promised a further celebration in 2017, but I look forward to 2027 when ‘the’ Telegram will arrive from you know who.

Bernard S Maxie Beare
July 2007

Tom birthday´s Photo Album
Eric and Jan Hayward
01 - Eric and Jan Hayward

02 Bob Chumley

03 Yum yum delicious cake!

04 - Tom Lambert with family & friends




See also a nostagic picture taken some years ago...
07 Tom Lambert & Max Beare

Many Happy Returns Tom,
on behalf of all those who know you.

Richard - Webmaster

Oh dear, a rather long letter just vanished from the screen. In the course of it I said many things, all of them thanking many people for the wonderful memory they have given me of this period of my life. I will attempt a recapitulation.

First and absolutely foremost, I will, immediately I sign this off, send you a cheque for 25 pounds to bring my financial status up to snuff. Please forgive me for being slow off the mark. Next, I have to thank you again for being so generous with time and space on the notice board. I am still utterly gob-smacked at the way my "octoneriance" was handled. I thought we were going to a quiet family lunch, at a rather smart Greek fish restaurant, but on arrival, and in a very bemused state, I was suddenly confronted by a large crowd of very dear friends, some of whom had come from overseas and interstate. My dear old erstwhile solo cornet from the Pompey Band, an absolutely reliable player and general tower of strength, had come over from New Zealand, Ray Taylor another of my splendid players (especially rugby) had brought his lovely wife Jenny over from Victoria, as had Eric Hayward from that exquisitely named Kangaroo Flat. Another particular buddy who lives close by was Alan Bulley (60 years ago we used to compete together in the Cross Country at Howstrake camp, now he lives about three miles away from me.) He celebrated his 80-th a couple of days ago up in Queensland.

It is absolutely true that I somehow or another had a birthday card from HRH Prince Phillip. What a wonderful reminder of the work the Yacht Band and I did together in the 60's. There is so much more I would like to say, but "Bless you all" is about right for now.

You too Richard. Money is on the wing.


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