Feb 21st 2011
Dan Archer's wife 'Beryl'
update by Dan February 22

Thanks for your kind letter of support, Beryl has been very ill and I suspected the worst on the day it occurred. However, in the past 8 days she has rallied sufficiently to begin some rehab work. I am truly amazed at where she has come to...still a long way to go but she is looking good sitting up and communicating. In another week I am hoping to see her improve even more. They can find no reason for her brain hemorrhage, she's fit, does not smoke and eats a healthy diet. I will take what we have now and help her to overcome her disabilities


My dear Rich,

I have this minute heard from Dan Chris Archer, who tells me Beryl his wife has suffered a brain hemorrhage, and is fighting for her life in Whangarei Hospital, although things are not the best for her, she appears to be coming out of it ok.

They were booking at the last minute to come to Adelaide for the reunion, but now out of the question, anyway he has asked that the news be published on the band page if possible, as they have a lot of friends back in UK and world wide, that he can’t let know, his email is, archer378@yahoo.co.uk, we do appreciate that.

Thanks pal,

More later Bern/Max Beare

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