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Photo Album IV
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01 - Roger Hammond & Derek Usher

Ross Hunt

Ross Hunt, ?
Taff Ruffle telling them how it used to be
Junior Band Member
Jr Band Member
Jr Band Members
Peter Guthrie

Chas Proctor

Don Givens
Barney Wilson RMBX 2091 (Ex Bandmaster) & Eric Blair RMBX 1923 meeting for the first time in over 60 years
"Taff" Simpson, Alan Ham & Rab Thomson
Alan Ham & Rab Thomson

The Ham's parking car
Would you like me to take care of it?

Paul and Helen Annette

Paul Annette, Jackie Semple, Mik Hickman & guess who?

Ray Watts

Peter Pendlebury, Ray Watts, Charlie Laws & "Bart" Bartholomew

Mr and Mrs Andy Cunningham

Peter Guthrie

Peter Guthrie, Chas Proctor, Don Givens

Jan Lovell & Ray Watts

Jon Yates

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