Commando Band c1960's

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Dear Richard,

The attached photos were recently sent to me by Gordon 'Polly' Perkins in Perth WA, they show members of the Cdo Band circa 1960s, and doing what Bandsmen do best, overcoming a challenge. 'Chippy' Don Carpenter was the B/M and I understand Eric Hayward was also in the band at the time, along with the late Dick Place.

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Perhaps if displayed on the site, they may provoke some interest, and some more names added, meantime all the very best to you, take care and we look forward to more news

Bye now Bern and K

Regarding the photos of 3rd.Cdo Bde. Band in Borneo that Maxie sent to you. I have been able to identify a few of those present.
They are;

Back row ? ? Willy Wardle ? ? ?
Standing B/M Chippy Carpenter, Barrie Baker, Tony Oberdries.
Seated in front Trevor Starling ? ? Jock McKay, Eric Hayward, Selwyn Horner, Rodney Colbourne, and Dave Jennings.

I have no idea how you do things at your end but it is absolutely great to be able to view things from so many years ago. Richard, if I may say so, you are brilliant.

Hopefully others who were there may be able to fill in the blank spaces.

Cheers once again,

Eric Hayward.

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