A Mini New Zealand Reunion

Dear Richard,

I have just recently returned to Australia from a business trip to New Zealand and while I was there I was fortunate to have been able to meet up, in a post Aussie/New Zealand mini reunion, with Maxie and Kath, Joe Simms and Garry Brownrigg.

It was at the end of my trip that Maxie and Joe met me at Auckland Airport and we proceeded to Maxie’s house.

After an exceptionally lengthy drive, a cup of tea was in order and a microwave chat as we were off to Garry Brownrigg’s for dinner. We picked up Joe on the way and by the time we got there it just started to rain. Mind you when we left it was pe***g down, well the rain was very heavy.

We had a wonderful time at Garry’s and yet more war stories were being told. I can’t believe how many tales we can all conjure up when we’re left together for a couple of hours. Garry and Jean had put on a magnificent spread and with a few glasses of delicious New Zealand, screw cap, wine a few more tales and we headed off home.

Even at that time of night and quite exhausted we still managed the odd tale or two during the trip.

The following morning saw Maxie and I checking out the RMB page for updates and Maxie showing me even more old photo’s that were aboard his PC.

I was a little jealous of all the tales Maxie had to tell and, that he had the opportunity to know as many musicians as there were in those days. Of course there were bands left right and centre. Tales of the band on HMS Triumph, an old carrier that was moored in Chatham while I was there and Terror band in Singapore etc. etc. etc. As there are so fewer bands today I would imagine there being less stories to tell in the future. Mind you I do seem to remember a tale about a red VW beetle with Pete Law, Dave Harris and a certain editor, driving up to Halifax and testing out round-a-bout rules, or was it Doncaster?

Please see attached photo’s

Regards to all

Yours Aye


Michael Thompson
Music Director
Monash Concert Band
City of Monash Carols by Candlelight

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