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Deceased June 24/06
RMB Reunion - October 2005 - Portsmouth
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Dear Dickie,

Early in the new year, Dave Seed asked me if I would like to go to the RMB reunion, and of course my reply was yes, and that I would keep my calendar open for the 1st and 2nd October. Anyway, the day finally arrived, and we were on our way to Portsmouth, three of us, Dave, Joan and me. After getting settled in at the sailors home club, we went out for a drink at the RMA club, where I was introduced to quite a few ex RM bandsmen, who were amazed that my reg. no. was RMBx899, and every one was buying me drinks.

On Sat morning Dave and Joan took me to the RM museum, and whilst there, I came upon a photo of HMS Ramillies on her way to the Normandy beaches to bombard the shore installations of sword beach, which was to prove very successful, so much so that later on the day, an army plane was giving us full guidance on targets to be eliminated, which we proceeded to do so with lots of success.

In the evening we went to HMS Nelson, where I met more "bandies", and witnessed a display by the school of music band, and I must say, it was excellently done, and after it was over I was introduced to the PDM Cris Davis, who gave me a hearty welcome.

On Sunday morning we attended Portsmouth cathedral, for the memorial service where I met more ex bandsmen. All in all I had a wonderful week-end, all thanks to Joan and Dave Seed, whom I met on the net.

Thanks to your great web-site, it has really put me in touch with the "old firm", and through your web-site, I am in constant touch with Don Flounders. We served together on HMS Euryalus in 1949.

I have been diagnosed with terminal cancer, but am taking a positive approach to it, and hopefully will see you all at reunion 2006, meanwhile, my regards to all the bandies I met at the 2005 reunion.

Yours aye,


My service record reads thus:

Joined RM band service on Jan 36 where I remained until I was drafted to Portsmouth, I then later joined HMS Renown 3rd of Sep 39.

July 42 to HMS Cochrane at Rosyth and remained there until 9th May 43, when I was drafted to HMS Ramillies on 10th May, leaving her on 31st Jan. 45

The rest reads as follows:

1st Feb. 45 RN School of Music until 26th Feb. 45.

27th Feb. to HMS Scotia, where I met my wife, [a Wren there], and left on 9th Oct 45.

10th Oct. to the School of Music until 4th Nov. 45, and then to HMS Duke, training ship.

Left there on 25th Mar 46 and on to HMS Imperieuse until 6th Dec 46

7th. Dec 46. to 2nd Feb 47 at School of Music.
3rd Feb. drafted to HMS Triumph, which I left on 27th Dec. 48 and transferred to HMS Euryalus until 21 April 49 and then transferred to HMS Forth on 22nd April where I stayed until 20th June 51.

My last ship was HMS Ganges in which I served from 22nd June 51 until 12th Oct. 52. I then returned to the School of Music and my subsequent discharge to Civy Street.

H.M.S. Euryalus. Seeing the Sights in Trieste 1948
Left to right > Don Flounders, Sam'Jock' Dyer and Harold Beatty.

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