From Michael Hutton
Royal Tournament 1954

ClickToday I found a copy of the Royal Tournament 1954 in the Hungerford Arcade. I'm fairly certain that I was in the Staff Band that year and remember the whole show was run by Capt Lang, but I don't think we ever saw a programme of the events. The colour pic is very interesting because of the Memorial Silver Trumpets having the old RNSM blue banners. Unfortunately the centre picture has not copied very well, but I'm certain that it was taken while I was in Malta in 1953 and we performed a Trooping the Colour ceremony on Floriana Parade Ground. Were any of you there?

I shall send the whole copy to the 'Blue Band for their next issue, perhaps they can get a better copy of the centre spread.

Yours aye....Michael.

[Editor] My astute and clever assistant has managed to piece the two halves together and by clicking on the image below, you should see a pretty good reproduction. Many thanks to Leila (LaDerzi).


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