Irfon "Taff" Higgins' 40th Birthday!


Greetings to all from sunny Wales. I'm just having lessons in scanning and thought a couple of photos of ex-musicians moonlighting in my village might be of interest to someone. They had actually been brought together by my wife Jan for my recent 40th birthday party. Alright it was over 7 years ago but I've only just sobered up!

It shows a front line of Sam Goldsworthy and Kev "Tug" Wilson backed up by Billy Walker and Keith "Jap" Thomas with Martin " Jan" Dale and Clem Cocker bringing up the rear. The final picture shows the morning after (just before I went to bed as I recall) It was a real good do as they say.

I'll now try and add the photo's so that the above might make some sense. Please include the fact that I would have sent copies to all the others if the mean B*******s had paid their dues to you!

Best regards to all.

Irfon "Taff" Higgins

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