Jan 21/2011
Where are they now?
by Bernie Whincop

Hi Rich,

click for full viewI am trying to locate any of the band from HMS Ark Royal 1963/65. We did a tour of the far east and I was wondering what happened to all my old mates. A list of names is listed but most are nicknames and I can't recall all of them. I would imagine many are now accompanying arch angel Gabriel, but hopefully there are still click image for full sizesome
who are around today who will remember the tour.

I have also attached a photograph of the bunch of reprobates.

Pictured right: HMS Ark Royal - Singapore.

Band Master Paul 'Red' Shelton
Band Sgts. Terry Williams (Deceased) & Dave Chamberlain
Band Cpls. 'Eggy' Epps (see Buddy List) & Miles Atwell
Bug Cpl. Bungy Williams
Buglers Pip Brand & Pete Pritchard (In touch with Pete)
Musicians Pete Smith, Ginger Davies, Jim McLaren, Ken Fretwell, (Deceased) Dip Hillman, Dave Clegg, Mostyn Cole, Mick Hayes, Knocker White, (see Buddy List) Olly Aldridge, Jock Wilson, Geoff Hill, Oggy Busby, Alan Tomlinson.

click image for full size
6 Tango 1 Mess

Hope you have some success as both Pete Pritchard and myself would love to hear from any of the lads.


Barney (Bernie) Whincop

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