HMS Bermuda 1952
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Enclosed you will find a file of the HMS Bermuda band ready to perform at the "Flying Angel Club" in Durban, South Africa in July 1952.

There may well be several of the Bermuda band that have never seen this photo. This band started off with Jimmy Jemmet as the B/M but he sadly got struck down by Tick Fever whilst we were having a few weeks ashore at the RN wireless station at Klava camp, Simonstown. (at this time it was said to be the most powerful transmitter south of the equator). Jimmy had to eventually return to U.K and Bill Greasley took over the band. As a matter of interest Jimmy used to be one of the R.N. cricket team.

The last I heard of Bill Greasley was an item on Southern T.V. a few years ago where Bill was featured as an authority on beekeeping. He still looked the same as he did in 1952. I think Bill had a brother who was also a bandsman, I feel sure we were together in the first band to visit Brussels at the end of the war on HMS Superb.

Also, does anybody have a photo (they could make a file of) of "88 squad 1944"? I would be grateful if I could have a copy/file.

Best regards from Sandy.

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