David Harris
Never lost - Never forgotten

Last reunion, 'mongst much swinging of the lamp and convivial drinking, the subject of a seemingly lost article was discussed with an excited reassurance of its existence.

The subject matter being a beloved cross-stitch that I had worked on after the untimely death of one of my dearest friends, David Henry Harris.

I have since edited the section that used to read thus:

" This tribute (a cross-stitch) was given to the school and I have not laid eyes upon it since. Have you?"

My dear friend Mike Hickman assured me that he had seen it and that it was on display outside the Bandmaster's office. Although he had failed to get a photo of it as he had suggested I felt assured that indeed my humble tribute to one of our beloved friends, musician and colleague had not been forgotten or ignored, particularly so since the move from Deal to Portsmouth. I should reiterate my thanks to several people who made it all happen including Ron Kempton.

Pictured above is the said piece courtesy of WO2 Ashley Williams. As Ash has kindly made me aware, it's outside his office.

For those who have not visited the section devoted to my dear friend, please do so by accessing thru the link - Dave Harris - which is triggered by hovering your mouse over "In Memoriam" on the second page of the site. If you click on the above picture, it will take you there now.

I want to thank Mick Hickman and Ashley Williams for their thoughtfulness, kindness and their efforts.


Richard Valentine.



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