West Country Reunion - 2006

The reunion was a great success we seem to improve every year and had no complaints. This year we managed to give everyone name tags which saved a lot of problems until near closing time when one or two swapped name tags but by then most people never noticed any way. One lady I spoke to said." I have never seen so many people get on so well for a complete evening together". It really was a great night. Pat Trevis from Australia shores proposed the loyal toast and thoroughly enjoyed himself. My wife gave me great support and seemed to remember everything that had slipped my mind. The photos are just a selection of the people who attended which I think numbered 130. Six people where unable to attend due to family problems. On the Monday after the reunion I had someone ring me up asking for the date of the reunion. He will be the first customer next year. Yes there will be one next year and I hope we will get the support like this year. I must thank everyone who attended particularly the ones who cancelled gigs.

Time to go and thank you for your web site and the work you put into it. Greatly appreciated by everyone I speak to.

Cheers Pete (Westaway)





Please note: 130 attended! You could boost our numbers by coming
to the "official" reunion and "remembering" those who gave their lives
for our freedom. Just think about it! I can guarantee you will not be disappointed.

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